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Moodle site


Moodle is an Open Source Learning Managament System (LMS) also known as a Virtual Learning Environment (VLE). The Moodle community site needed a modern design.

  • Customer: Moodle headquarter
  • Date: 2009


Webdesign, Web standard conform XHTML and CSS, JavaScript programming, PHP programming

Moodle community site
Forum list One forum A posting The main menu The central search


  • Main colors orange and white
  • 2-column layout
  • Rounded corners, matching the form of the logo
  • Fast navigation to all areas/subjects
  • Site search in the page header
  • Good usability, specially for the forum pages


unodo designs pages combining the requested functionality with modern design.

The page content area and the information boxes in the right column get rounded corners.

The page header shows the Moodle logo on a white background. Below the orange colored menu for site navigation is placed centrally and good reachable. The search field and button are just to the right in the menu bar. This way the users find the two most used navigation elements in one place.

The page under the menu bar offers a wide content area and a narrow right information column. The content area width follows dynamically the window width. The information column has a fixed width.

The lists with the outline of the forum entries show many entries. Alternating white an grey rows and columns help the users not to loose their bearings in the lists.

In the long forums lists it is important for the users to be able to find the unread postings fast. The signal marking new postings is shown right aligned. THis way the list has a clearer structure than a list where the marking would be placed directly after the differently long the forum names.

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