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eFaktor needed a new fresh and modern look and feel for their Moodle driven website. Main emphasis of the work was the web design and usability enhancements specially for pages with much content.

  • Customer: eFaktor
  • Date: 2008


Webdesign, Web standard conform XHTML and CSS, JavaScript programming, PHP programming

Startpage Course page Tab navigation within the page Hidden text, opens with click on "read more ..."


eFaktor uses the learning environment Moodle for e-learning projects and for their website. They publish all information about the company and their services on their company Moodle site. The site needs to prove both - the eFaktor competences and the possibilities offered by the learning environment Moodle.

For eFaktor the quality of the offered content and the quality of the visual presentation together create the supportive learning experience needed for successful learning.


We started with a collection of website examples with a detailed description of aspects they liked and aspects they disliked for each website. With this information unodo created the web design.

On the basis of this design unodo created the Moodle theme with web standard conform XHTML and CSS. With the option in Moodle themes to support a "rounded corners" design (which was implemented in Moodle by Urs Hunkler, unodo) we could create the modern look.

Images in the course content area structure the content and integrate well into the overall design with the "rounded" look.

To better organize pages with much content and offer a non disruptive user experience parts of the information on the page is hidden and stays out of the way. User interaction makes the information appear when needed.

Space saving tabbed navigation within the page helps to hold much information in one page without confusing the reader. The reader can focus on one aspect at a time.

To be able to let the reader focus on the main aspects of the information and give additional information without disruptive page reloads the additional information is hidden in the page. After the reader clicks on "read more ..." the hidden information is shown.

The tabbed navigation and the "read more ..." feature can be used in all standard Moodle text resources with a XHTML container structure. unodo adds the JavaScript behaviors to the pages, Moodle does not need to be changed.

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